Important Update

The Baby Friendly Online Education Program is currently being updated and will be unavailable until September 7th.  You can register your interest in the course by contacting us using the 'Registration of Interest' form. Once we have received your details, we will contact you when the course is available.

About the Baby Friendly Online Education Program

This Program was developed as a key strategy of the South Australian Breastfeeding Program (SABP), providing online access to current breastfeeding information for a range of users. The course is hosted by the Centre for Education and Training (CET), Women’s and Children’s Health Network on behalf of SA Health.

Since its beginning in 2005 there has been a series of improvements to the content, accessibility, and reporting aspects of the program and approximately 9,500 registrants have accessed the program. There has been increasing interest from registrants across Australia and overseas (US, UK, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Honduras and Qatar).

Registration of Interest

The Baby Friendly Online course will be available online from the 7th of September.

You can register your interest in the course by contacting us using the 'Registration of Interest' form. We will then provide you with access to the course when it is available.

Who can use this course?

Anyone can use the program but it would be most useful for health professionals or students wishing to gain further knowledge about breastfeeding. In particular, staff in organisations wishing to work toward BFHI accreditation and practices would benefit from accessing this information. The content meets the BFHI 8 hour theoretical requirement for Group 1 staff (those who assist or provide education to mothers in relation to breastfeeding) to meet Step 2 (train all health care staff in the skills necessary to implement the breastfeeding policy which should be in place) of BFHI accreditation. 

Registrants outside of South Australia will pay a nominal fee to access this program (individual users $60 and bulk users $35 - $60 AUSD) The program does not fulfil requirements for lactation consultant qualifications but can contribute to continuing education points.


To register your interest in the course, please use the form to contact us. We'll let you know when the course is available.

* Note: Your email address will only be used to send you an email once the course is available.


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