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Baby Friendly Online Education

The Baby Friendly Online Education course has recently been updated. If you accessed the course before 30th June 2015, that access has expired and you will need to register again.


Welcome to the Baby Friendly Online Education course. This course was developed in 2005 as a key strategy of the South Australian Breastfeeding Program (SABP). It has been regularly updated since then to provide online access for a range of users to contemporary information about breastfeeding. The course is hosted and governed by the Women's and Children's Health Network on behalf of SA Health.

Who can use this course?

Anyone can use the course but it is designed for health professionals or students wishing to gain further knowledge about breastfeeding. In particular, staff in organisations wishing to work toward BFHI accreditation and practices would benefit from completing this course. The content meets the BFHI 8 hour theoretical requirement for Group 1 staff (those who assist or provide education to mothers in relation to breastfeeding) to meet Step 2 of BFHI accreditation (train all health care staff in the skills necessary to implement the organisation's breastfeeding policy).

Registrants who work outside of SA Health will need to pay a nominal fee to access this course.

The program does not fulfill requirements for lactation consultant qualifications but can contribute to continuing education points.

Baby Friendly Online Education

Originally designed to support the South Australian Breastfeeding Program, the course is now accessed by people across Australia and overseas including US, UK, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Honduras and Qatar.

The course included evidenced based content, images, videos and links to additional resources, with an assessment at the end of each topic to reinforce your learning. The course is divided into the following topics:

  • Baby Friendly Health Initiative
  • Impact of hospital practices
  • How the breast works
  • Why breastfeed?
  • Breastfeeding as the norm
  • Breastfeeding challenges
  • Breastfeeding beyond hospital
  • Mothers not breastfeeding

What type of Access Key do you need?

For Individual Users

You will need to purchase an Individual Access Key by calling the WCHN Centre for Education during business hours: 8am – 4pm (Australian Central Standard Time), Monday to Friday. The number is (08) 8161 7140 or (+61 8 8161 7140) if you are calling from outside Australia.

For Multiple Users

A Bulk Access Key can be purchased if you want to provide access to the course for multiple users. This one key can be distributed and used by the nominated amount of users.

Please click the 'Purchase a Bulk Key' button below for further instructions.